Architecture and Engineering Projects Department (DPAE)

The Architecture and Engineering Projects Department (DPAE) is in charge of the planning, design, budget and bidding activities for architectural and engineering projects within UFSC campuses, seeking to meet the university’s physical infrastructure needs.

DPAE’s responsibilities are:

  • define policies and guidelines for the use and occupation of the physical environment on all University campuses and units;
  • develop and manage projects and budgets for new buildings, renovations, extensions and infrastructure within UFSC physical environment;
  • prepare reports and diagnosis on UFSC physical environments;
  • manage the storage of UFSC facilities’ architectural and engineering projects;
  • give technical support to other university sectors and to the external community on related issues.


Director:  Fabrícia de Oliveira Grando

Phone: +55 (48) 3721-5100