Photo by Henrique Almeida – UFSC Communication Agency (AGECOM)

The Office of Campus Planning, Construction and Maintenance (Prefeitura Universitária – PU) is the administrative unit of Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in charge of the planning of the physical campus environment, the quality control of construction works, the elaboration of projects and the execution of works.

The responsibilities of the Campus Planning, Construction and Maintenance are:

  • plan UFSC’s physical environment, in line with the university’s academic, administrative and financial planning;
  • coordinate and implement UFSC’s Master Plans, covering all of its campuses and experimental areas;
  • coordinate, supervise and/or elaborate UFSC’s urban, architectural and engineering projects;
  • supervise and control the execution of works at UFSC;
  • analyze, define and control the quality standards of UFSC’s urban, architectural and engineering works and services;
  • prepare budgets and start bidding processes, as well as inspect construction contracts carried out at UFSC, when related to the scope of this office;
  • coordinate and supervise the occupation of new buildings at UFSC;
  • schedule and execute maintenance in UFSC’s facilities, external areas and infrastructure networks;
  • promote the technical and scientific development of the PU staff.